What is SHA Plus?

A certificate awarded to an organisation showing that they have approved Covid-19 health and preventative protocols in place under the SHA scheme, PLUS 70% or more of all employees have been fully vaccinated as of July 1, 2021.

How important is SHA Plus to to those wishing to travel to Phuket from abroad?

Individuals who wish to enter Phuket as of 1st July 2021 as part of the ‘Phuket Sandbox’ initiative must have confirmed reservations at hotels which are SHA Plus certified. Confirmed hotel reservations must be submitted with your ‘Certificate of Entry’ (COE) application to the Royal Thai Embassy in your home country prior to traveling to Thailand.

How many nights do you have to book a SHA Plus hotel?

Prepaid confirmed reservation(s) of fourteen <14> consecutive nights in SHA Plus hotel(s) is required for COVID-19 control purposes. You may move between SHA Plus hotels after an initial seven <7> stay in one hotel.

Can we stay in a private residence during the first seven nights after our arrival?

Private residences are unable to apply for a SHA Plus certificate therefore are not accepted for the initial fourteen <14> nights after arrival into Phuket.(to be confirmed)

Can we travel off Phuket after the fourteen days stay in a SHA Plus hotel?

Yes, you may leave Phuket after the fourteen days initial period and enjoy the sights and sounds of Amazing Thailand. You may travel by road, air or boat however, restrictions might be in place during your stay which are put in place by individual Provincial Governors.

When will the first list of SHA Plus hotels be released?

You may check the list at as it will be updated regularly as hotels become certified.

Is it mandatory that dine in only SHA Plus restaurant?

It is only RECOMMENDED that guests dine in SHA Plus restaurants but not mandatory.

Is it mandatory that we only join SHA Plus tour/excursion companies?

It is only RECOMMENDED that guests use SHA Plus certified tour/excursion services but not mandatory. You may only start to join tours/excursions after you have completed the mandatory PCR test on day twelve and as of day fifteen.

Is it mandatory that we only use SHA Plus taxi/transportation companies?

It is only RECOMMENDED that guests use SHA Plus certified taxi and transportation services but not mandatory.

How do we identify which facilities are SHA Plus certified?

All SHA Plus certified organisations will show this logo with a number which identifies their certificate number. If no number is shown then the certificate is not authentic.

Who can register to receive the SHA Plus certification?

All 10 types of organisations who have already been ‘SHA’ certified since the beginning of the project in 2020 can apply for SHA Plus. At the present time, only organisations registered in the Phuket province can apply for the SHA Plus certification as the ‘Phuket Sandbox’ is a pilot project in the hope to open the rest of Kingdom of Thailand in the future.

Why is the vaccination rate set at 70%?

The internationally recognised ‘herd immunity’ percentage has been accepted at 70% by medical authorities. SHA Plus has made it a condition that all organisations who register must have reached 70% and local authorities have confirmed this during the verification purpose. Any future recruitment of staff will also have to prove their vaccinations in order to maintain this ratio at their organisation.

Can employees who have not yet been vaccinated perform their work?

To build ‘herd immunity’ and for public health safety, all employees who are in direct contact with guests should be vaccinated prior to working. In the case an organisation has a few staff members who are not vaccinated organisations will arrange so that they are not directly in contact with guests.

Is there a dedicated website for us to look at? has been set up by the Tourist Associations here in Phuket for visitors to use as a reference. This website is continually updated as and when new announcements and conditions of SHA Plus and the Sandbox Project are made. You may also refer to the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand)’s website.